06 Jun 2017

Winner! Business Charity Awards Charity Partnership: Fashion and Retail – Andrews Charitable Trust with 1625 Independent People

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We are delighted to announce that Andrews Property Group won the Business Charity Awards 2017 for an outstanding partnership between a company in the fashion or retail sectors and a UK charity  – Andrews Charitable Trust with 1625 Independent People for our [establish] project.

Sian Edwards, Director of ACT and David Westgate, CEO of Andrews Property Group receiving the awardBusiness Charity Awards - June 2017 - Establish

The partnership?

In 2016 the Andrews Property Group marked the 70th anniversary of its first estate agency by embarking on an ambitious social housing project, My First Base, now called [establish].  Working with different charitable partners, MFB will provide housing for vulnerable young people. In Bristol the company is partnering with the local charity 1625 Independent People to help young care leavers maintain their first tenancies and move into employment.

What did the company do?

To enable the refurbishment of the first property, staff at Andrews were challenged to raise £70,000 as part of a fundraising initiative called Project70. Staff took part in a wide range of fundraising events, including competitive bake-offs, marathons, Christmas fairs and skydiving. Events were designed, organised and run at a local level, but received support from the Andrews marketing department.

Why did it win?

The first [establish] house in Bristol was completed in April 2017, ready for the first three young people to move in. Two Andrews staff members have been trained by 1625ip to become volunteer mentors.

The company, which aims to set up 50 such houses in total, is already looking for a second house and charitable partners in south London. Young people who have benefited from [establish] will have the opportunity to join Andrews through work placements, apprenticeships and, it is hoped, employment.