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Based on the principles of our founder Cecil Jackson Cole and our current priorities, we currently support the following innovative organisations:



Long-term care for people with chronic illnesses and disabilities presents an urgent challenge around the world. The burden placed on unpaid family carers is immense and has a direct impact on their physical health, mental and emotional wellbeing and economic security. Carers Worldwide highlights the vital role played by carers. advocating for for their inclusion in mainstream development programmes and the development of carer-specific services.

Key Information
Name: Carers Worldwide
Nature of business: Advocates for the inclusion of carers in development programmes
Location: India, Nepal, South Asia
Impact: Improving the lives of carers in the developing world
Entrepreneurs:  Anil Patil
ACT investment: £50,000 per year
Nature of Investment:  Grant

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Emmanuel Akpan-Inwang, once a foster child himself and TeachFirst ambassador is looking to transform children’s residential care in the UK through his social enterprise Lighthouse, which will run children’s homes. Emmanuel researched the “social pedagogy’” approach to residential care widely used in Germany and Denmark and saw that such poor outcomes are avoidable.

Social pedagogy is education in a much broader sense and encompasses everything that you consider to be involved in raising a child. Well trained staff are employed to build relationships, create a home-like environment, and engage young people as equals in activities such as cooking dinner together.
The staff, who are university educated, are trained in understanding the interrelationships between physical, emotional, social and cognitive wellbeing – for example, how emotional problems can impact cognitive development.

Emmanuel believes that employing graduates who are well trained and paid in a way to reflect their skills will reduce the high staff turnover which is common in children’s homes and create a supportive learning environment.

Emmanuel believes that applying the social pedagogy model into children’s homes in England will not only improve educational outcomes, but that he’ll be able do it without charging more than the current private providers who run children’s homes for profit.

Key Information
Name: The Lighthouse
Nature of business: Children’s home
Location: South East England
Impact: The opening of a pedagogical children’s home
Entrepreneurs: Emmanuel Akpan-Inwang
ACT investment: £184,000 over 3 years
Nature of Investment: Grant

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!nspiraFarms provides turnkey, modular and affordable agricultural processing and value addition platforms to the small-scale fruit, vegetable and dairy industries allowing them to meet global food-safety certification and quality standards for the supply of healthy and nutritious food to local and international markets. All solutions are designed to fit smallholders’ value addition and asset management needs focusing on cash flow growth and stability.

Key Information
Name: Inspira Farms
Nature of business: turnkey, modular and affordable agricultural processing and value addition platforms to the small-scale fruit, vegetable and dairy industries
Location: Kenya and Guatemela
Impact: allowing them to meet global food-safety certification and quality standards for the supply of healthy and nutritious food to local and international markets
Entrepreneurs: Tim Chambers and Michele Bruni
ACT investment: £200,000 – started October 2014
Nature of Investment: Returnable grant with repayments triggered by achievement of an agreed sale target

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The Cinnamon Network knows that a small amount of money can go a long way in helping a local church start a new community project.

ACT and Cinnamon have partnered together to create a funding stream to support 20 local churches a year, in ACT priority areas across the UK, to start a tried-and-tested Cinnamon Recognised Project.

Cinnamon’s ‘Smart Funding’ approach enables local churches to receive a much needed Micro-Grant of £2,000 to help kick start the project, but also access to a complementary package of support including one-to-one community development advice and support from a Cinnamon Advisor, and Cinnamon Leadership Training. This unique approach equip social action project leaders with the skills they need to run a transformative and sustainable church-based project. Each of the Cinnamon Recognised Projects has a track record of delivering impact across the country, and supports one or more of the core themes:

  • Enabling children and young people to flourish
  • Supporting safe, stronger families
  • Building safer, stronger communities
  • Fighting poverty
Key Information
Name: Cinnamon Network
Nature of business: Church projects
Location: UK
Impact: Small scale local community projects
Entrepreneurs: Church leaders
ACT investment: £140,000 over two years
Nature of Investment: Grant funding

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Mustard Seed Property aim to invest in houses in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly for use as supported accommodation for vulnerable adults and those at risk of homelessness.

A six bedroomed house in Helston is already in use, with support provided by local partner organisations specialising in support for vulnerable adults and those with learning disabilities.

Their second fund raise was for an additional property, which will accommodate a further 9 vulnerable adults in Cornwall. Using the Ethex retail investment platform, individuals and local investors are offered the potential to earn a 4.5% targeted return on investments from just £250. ACT provided a matching pot of £50,000 to match this retail offer resulting in the organisation raising above their minimum target before the close date.

Key Information
Name: Mustard Seed Property
Nature of business: Property (supported accommodation)
Location: Cornwall
Entrepreneurs: Daniel Brewer
ACT investment: £50,000
Nature of Investment: Equity investment

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Resonance is a social impact investment company who work with social enterprises and charities, offering advisory services to help them raise capital from like-minded investors. Resonance also create and manage award winning impact investment funds, which focus on tackling major societal issues, with particular expertise in homelessness, poverty, community-led projects, health & wellbeing and education. Their funds aim to deliver a financial return and a targeted social impact to investors.

Their largest fund is the Resonance Homelessness Property Funds, which have reached over £195m of funds under management, and housing over 1,300 people on their way out of homelessness.

Key Information
Name: Resonance
Nature of business: Social Impact Investing
Location: UK
Impact: The Homelessness property Fund has housed over 1,300 people on their way out of homelessness.
ACT investment: £15,000
Nature of Investment: Social Impact Investment

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Abode Impact was launched in July 2017 to increase the supply of accessible housing for wheelchair users.

ACT provided Abode Impact with a loan to enable the development of a property investment fund. The fund has not yet been brought to market but ACT continues to work with  investors in an attempt to find alternative ways of securing the original social objectives.

Key Information
Name: Abode Impact
Nature of business: Property
Location: London
Entrepreneurs: Eleanor Bowden and David Toplas
ACT investment: £90,000
Nature of Investment: Housing fund