Christian Community Grants

Who We Fund

In 2017 we awarded £2000 to each of these community projects:


St Peter’s Church, Filton, Bristol – The Listening Ear Project

The Listening Ear project will provide trained volunteers who will offer members of the community a supportive listening relationship to help them in various areas of their life – e.g. bereavement, illness, addiction, loneliness, poverty, unemployment, homelessness, etc.  Practical support for those who need someone to talk to.

West Kirk Presbyterian Church, Belfast, Ireland – Crackerz Code Club Project

Crackerz Code Club aims to provide a focused and engaging way to support kids from the Shankill Road area who are not engaging well at school and who typically experience low educational attainment, social deprivation and aspirational poverty.  It is an after-school computer coding club that aims to raise the aspirations and technical skills.

Barnabas Community Church, Shrewsbury – 360 Platform for Life project

The 360 Platform for Life project provides an holistic service that helps those furthest from the job market by offering ono-to-one mentoring to help clients develop resilience and make positive choices for their future and to help them see a future in work as an achievable thing to aspire to.

Linden Church, Swansea – Wonderfully Made Project

The Wonderfully Made project will create two short films with 16-30 year olds with experience of mental health difficulties to be used as an educational resource for secondary schools and youth groups and to be shared as an online resource for young people encouraging them to speak up about mental health.

Abbey Road Baptist Church, Barrow-in-Furness – Parish Nurse Project

The project will support the church to have a Parish Nurse volunteer to work with parents with pre-school children and expectant mothers and provide meals and home visits to the elderly and isolated.  The Parish Nurse will also provide a much needed link between the more vulnerable in the Parish and NHS services.

St Giles’ Church, Oxford – Respite Café Project

The Respite Café in St Giles’ Church will be staffed mainly by the homeless and ex-homeless, providing them with training and work opportunities whilst raising awareness amongst customers visiting the café of the issues that homeless people face through personal interaction and conversation.

Crossroads Christian Centre Trust, Devon – Bottled Up East Devon

Families in East Devon who live with alcoholism are given information, help and support to cope with their situation, regain control of their own lives, look after themselves and their families and influence the drinker in their family to seek help to address their alcohol problem.

Grace Enterprises, Nottingham

Grace Enterprises aims to establish sustainable businesses providing jobs for people who are facing barriers to employment. The first business is Radiant Cleaners – a domestic and commercial cleaning business. Supporting people into employment, working around childcare and paying the living wage while also providing an excellent standard of cleaning.

Youth Entrepreneurship Startup (YES Project), Kenya

In the Tana Delta region of Kenya the majority of the population live below the poverty line. Through an innovative mix of local informational radio programmes, practical training workshops and small loans, the YES project promotes and encourages the development of entrepreneurship amongst young people in the region.

Food For Purpose, London – Healthy Church Initiative toolkit

The Healthy Church Initiative is a programme of educational sessions specifically tailored to reach Black Afro Caribbean church leaders. The programme educates leaders on the need for the church to be part of the solution towards the prevention of chronic illnesses which are prevalent in the black community namely obesity, hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

Tiverton Christians Against Poverty, Devon – Job Club

The Tiverton CAP Job Club helps restore the confidence and self-worth of those who are unemployed in Mid-Devon by providing free-to-access tailored support to help individuals get back into employment.

Heaven Gate Centre, Birmingham – Training of Christian Outreach Volunteers

This projects aims to support vulnerable adults and computer illiterate members of the community with online applications. Being unable to complete online application forms can be a barrier to receiving benefits that individuals are entitled to. 89% of those interviewed stated that they have missed deadlines for applications, or they have not been able to complete them due to a language barrier and lack of computer knowledge.

Crossway Pregnancy Crisis Centre, Kent – Increasing Access to Pregnancy Crisis and Loss Support

Those who struggle after abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth experience physical, emotional and spiritual difficulties and are often depressed and/or anxious. This project aims to use online technology to improve access to pregnancy crisis and pregnancy loss support for those currently excluded from support because of location, availability, or confidence.

Fresh RB, Manchester – Video Production Workshop

A video production workshop for young people and young adults (from ages 13 – 30) with life limiting and long-term conditions. While teaching media skills, the project aims to enable young people to have a safe place to express themselves, discuss life struggles and improve their self-confidence.

Penlan Community Focus, Swansea – Penlan Community Garden Project

A new community garden producing healthy sustainable food for local people in the grounds of Penlan Community Methodist Church which is situated in the middle of a large social housing estate. The project will involve all age groups in the Penlan community who will have the opportunity to learn new skills, grow food and get out doors whilst also strengthening the community spirit with a joint project.

Life Guards, Belfast

Life Guards is a six week programme which aims to teach kids skills to live healthy lifestyles. The healthy lifestyle programme seeks to tackle obesity and mental health issues with a holistic approach to both body and mind.

Matthew’s House, Swansea – Showers for the Homeless

Matthew’s House is run by volunteers from all walks of life. Using food donated from supermarkets, they have served over 5,500 meals to some of the most needy people in Swansea since opening at the beginning of 2017.  The grant will be used to upgrade their shower room to offer the homeless bathroom facilities and an opportunity to get clean with dignity.

Voice of Hope, Stoke-on-Trent – Modern Slavery Training Handbook

The Modern Slavery Training Handbook is to be handed out at the Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Course to make social workers, NHS staff and other professionals aware of recognising those at risk so they are able to offer support.

Mummyshock, Brighton

Becoming a mum for the first time brings big changes to life and lots of challenges. Mummyshock provides a supportive space for women to talk, in a secure and friendly environment. This results in greater resilience and confidence in new mums.

Coventry City Mission – Creation Cuts

Creation Cuts is a hairdressers offering good quality haircuts on a free / donation only basis for those who would not normally be able to afford them. They also aim to pick up on other issues/ needs while chatting to their clients and to help signpost to other support agencies. The aim is to improve people’s self-esteem and self-worth.

Screening Family Support Project, Feltham

This project provides education and support to families who have been given a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome (and other abnormalities). The aim is make available non-biased information that is honest about the reality of the joys and challenges of supporting an individual with Down Syndrome and the related medical conditions.

Below are some of our previous winners:

2015 Gold Award Winner – £25,000

Our GOLD winner, receiving a prize of £25,000, is The Baytree Centre London, for their intergenerational Mother and daughter literacy project to help ethnic minority families in London raise out of poverty.

Key Information
Name:  The Baytree Centre
Nature of business:
Location:  London
ACT investment: £25,000
Nature of Investment:

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2015 Silver Award winner – £20,000

Bardsley Youth Project, Coventry

The SILVER award winner, receiving a prize of £20,000 is  Bardsley Youth Project, Coventry, for their work in developing a Youth Homelessness Hub and emergency accommodation and a family house.

Key Information
Name:  Bardsley Youth Project
Nature of business:
Location:  Coventry
ACT investment: £20,000
Nature of Investment:

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2015 Bronze Award – £15,000

Winning the BRONZE award, and receiving a prize of £15,000 is CJ Bowry of Sal’s Shoes.  Sal’s shoes collects children’s outgrown shoes and distributes them to children in need,  It operates wherever there’s a need and was set to get shoes that are no longer worn walking again

Key Information
Name:  Sal’s Shoes
Nature of business:
ACT investment: £15,000
Nature of Investment:

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2015 Highly Commended Award – £5,000

We also chose 3 HIGHLY COMMENDED winners, each receiving a prize of £5000.


Key Information

Erica Payne of THRIVE – a Young Leaders Programme for deprived young people in Oxford.

Karen Hickson-Smith of LIFE & SOUL –  training volunteers to offer a mentoring service to young people in secondary schools in Tunbridge Wells

Katy Shaw of ST. MARTIN IN THE FIELD, London – Replicating in Bristol the Sunday International Group aiming to provide a place of welcome, hospitality and sanctuary for foreign nationals who are destitute.

2014 Gold Award Winner – £15,000

A genuinely testimony led initiative by BME Christian ex-offenders that will build up and support a community of Christian ex-prisoners to engage BME prisoners by telling their story and then supporting them through the prison gate, mentoring them in the community. This project directly addresses the low number of BME offenders accessing support services through the prison gate, including also coordinating multi-cultural churches to get involved.

BME Christian ex-offenders will also work in the community to engage young people who are involved in or on the verge of entering a criminal lifestyle.

Key Information
Name:  Way4ward
Nature of business:
Location:  London Borough of Lambeth
Entrepreneurs:  Steve Rawlins
ACT investment: £15,000
Nature of Investment:

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2014 Silver Award Winner – £12,000

The Police Service of Northern Ireland receive over a half million calls from the public every year and are often unequipped to respond. Active Listening is developing a valuable service where officers can make referrals for a broad range of situations that fall outside their normal remit knowing that vulnerable people will receive a prompt response from people who will care about their situation and listen in a non-judgemental manner, gently helping them move away from the attention of the Police towards organisations and people who can help.Listening is a simple way to convey respect and dignity and God uses this powerful form of ministry to create a channel to his troubled children to help them unlock their situation and take one step forward.

Key Information
Name:  Active Listening
Nature of business:
Location:  Northern Ireland
Entrepreneurs:  Sam Wilson
ACT investment: £12,000
Nature of Investment:

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2014 Bronze Award Winner – £8,000

The Feast is an innovative Christian youth work charity committed to improving friendships and integration between young people of different faiths. Striving to see more Christian young people, their families and churches, grapple with what it means to love our neighbours, The Feast facilitates events which open conversations about faith and which build young people’s confidence to share their faith vibrantly and respectfully. This simple but unique approach helps a church deal with its barriers to reaching out to other faiths and supports Christian young people to be able to speak about their faith openly and with confidence.

Key Information
Name:  The Feast
Nature of business:
Location:  Birmingham
Entrepreneurs:  Tim Fawssett
ACT investment: £8,000
Nature of Investment:

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Our 3 highly commended winners in 2014, each receiving £5000

Key Information

In2Out, Harrogate

In2Out is a Christian charity working with young people, 15-21, with convictions. Being Jesus for those with multiple problems, In2Out trains mentors to be able to demonstrate compassionate Christian care to those whose lives and families are totally chaotic.

Working alongside Young Offender Institutions in the north of England we take referrals from chaplaincy, caseworkers, and the resettlement team, for those wanting to ‘change their lifestyle’ on release.

In2Out provides each person with a personal mentor, helps with employment and training, and looks at engagement with a new community of friends. Working alongside statutory agencies we aim to support each person to avoid re-offending.

Pictures to Share, Cheshire

Pictures to Share is a very small social enterprise specializing in developing accessible books for people with severe dementia. These books engage those who are very hard to reach and allow meaningful communication when other methods fail.

Following requests from Christian care homes and church ministers working in the community this award will enable them to produce an accessible book for people with dementia on a theme of Christianity, spirituality and worship. Some will be made available free of charge to churches, charitable care homes, public libraries and hospitals in the UK. The remaining number will be sold through Pictures to Share normal channels to fund future reprints in order that the books can be available to as many people as possible, for as long as possible.

Inverclyde Youth for Christ, Inverclyde

The award is being given to facilitate a district-wide Holy Mischief Day. Holy Mischief is a social action project which encourages random acts of kindness and challenge’s society’s perceptions of young people. Young people will give out flowers; anonymously pay for someone’s coffee or lunch; secretly pay for a stranger’s groceries; and more. These young people will have two aims: make people smile, and show people that young people are not all bad. We want to give a Holy Mischief business card to every S1-S6 student in the Inverclyde area, and challenge them to blitz their entire community with kindness on a specific day. Each business card encourages the receiver to commit another act of kindness for someone else.