Christian Community Grants

Who We Fund

We fund two major projects, Speaking Volumes and Cinnamon Network.

Speaking Volumes

Speaking Volumes offer grants for  Christian books to be purchased through a local Christian bookshop for libraries, schools, prisons, in fact anywhere a book can be read and enjoyed. This is managed through the Speaking Volumes website. Please visit for more details.

Cinnamon Network

Cinnamon Network helps Churches respond to people in need in their community.

We fund advisors who assist Churches to identify those needs and develop projects that best answer them. Cinnamon Network have a menu of proven projects that Churches can adopt.  Start-up grants of £2000 are also available through Cinnamon Network and funded by us. These are offered to Churches within the areas near our Andrews Estate Agency branches. Cinnamon Network mentors and trains volunteers to deliver good quality, lasting projects that make a real difference to people’s lives.  Here’s just some of the projects that we’ve helped through Cinnamon Network.

Previously we funded Cinnamon Network Micro-grants in areas where our Andrews Property Group operates but since 2021 this has been extended to the whole of the UK to reach the poorest areas.

See our current funded projects with our location map .


CAP Job Clubs

CAP Job Clubs help local churches to provide a warm welcoming environment for job seekers. Job Clubs build the confidence, self-esteem and optimism which are essential in the job search process as well as vital skills such as interview and CV writing skills.

38% of Job Club members find work even though the average length of unemployment is over 2 years.

“CAP Job clubs are brilliant – there’s something for everybody that is out of work. I got a job within the first month – it’s absolutely fantastic” Stuart – Job Club member

Churches running a CAP Job Club with the help of an ACT funded grant

Unity Church, Orpington, BR54NH
Grace Church, Sydenham, SE26 6AD
All Saints, Peckham, SE15 8JA

Housing Justice Night Shelter

Housing Justice Night Shelter helps local churches to offer vulnerable rough sleepers nightly accommodation during the winter period.  A different local church acts as host each night.

Night Shelters help 34% of their clients off the street permanently.

“It wasn’t just a place to sleep, it was a place where I felt people would listen to me.” Night Shelter beneficiary

Churches running a Night Shelter with the help of an ACT funded grant

Churches Together in Hoddesdon at St Cuthbert’s Church, EN11 0PU
Victoria Methodist Church, Weston-Super-Mare, BS23 1XU
Streatham Baptist Church, Streatham, SW16 6JR

CAP Fresh Start

Fresh Start is an eight-week course from Christians Against Poverty (CAP). It provides a place of trust and refuge for people as they take the steps to find freedom from a range of life controlling habits and dependencies.

100% of participants would recommend a friend.

“They completely changed my life. People change people!” A course beneficiary.

Churches running a Fresh Start course with the help of an ACT funded grant

New Life Church, Woking, GU22 9BX

Parish Nursing

Parish Nursing helps local churches to appoint nurses, who in turn support people and communities towards whole person healthcare.  This is care for the person’s overall well-being, incorporating body, mind and spirit.

The NHS recognises the need for spiritual care but doesn’t really have the resources to let nurses develop that very fully, not at the moment.” Dr Wordsworth, founder.

“She was there for me for the slightest thing.” Client from East London

Churches running a Parish Nursing project with the help of an ACT funded grant

St Luke’s Downham, Northover, London, BR1 5JR
Holy Trinity Redhill

CAP Life Skills

Cap Life Skills helps the local church give people the vital life skills they need to survive on a low income.

828 people learned some practical new skills to live well on a low budget through CAP Life Skills in 2018.

‘I’ve met so many people through CAP Life Skills! I learned about budgeting and changed my habits and, because I’m spending differently now, I save so much money. Last year I was actually able to go on holiday with my kids.’ Jenny, Life Skills Member

Churches running a CAP Life Skills Club with the help of an ACT funded grant

Severn Vineyard Church, Bristol, BS2 8XD

Peaced Together

Using a variety of themed craft projects, Peaced Together is a ten-week course that local churches can run which encourages women to reflect on their lives and set out on a personal journey from brokenness to hope.

93% of course participants felt more positive about their life, themselves, or their future.

“Peaced Together has helped me to look again at the broken areas of my life and find fresh hope for the future.” Naomi, now a Peaced Together Trainer

Churches running a Peaced Together Group with the help of an ACT funded grant

Restore Community Church, Loughton, IG10 2JD

CAP Debt Help

CAP Debt Help enables local churches to provide a sustainable and comprehensive solution to anyone who is dealing with unmanageable debt.  The service is tailored to meet the needs of the poorest and most marginalised in society. It offers a combination of professional debt management, financial educations and face-to-face support and encouragement.

Every 20 minutes and 15 seconds, a property is repossessed. Today, there are people in our communities whose lives are being devastated as a result of debt. They may be struggling to feed their families, suicidal, depressed and alone.

Before CAP, Emma was skipping meals so her kids could eat and was on the verge of being evicted. However, since Emma’s local CAP church got involved, she is getting help with her debt, and has also come to know God and found a supportive church family.

Churches running a CAP Debt Help Club with the help of an ACT funded grant

Trinity Methodist Church, East Grinstead, RH19 2HA
Sawyers Church Brentwood, CM15 9BN

TLG Make Lunch

TLG MakeLunch helps local churches to provide meals during the holidays for children who would otherwise go hungry because they receive free school dinners during school term time.

‘3 million children are at risk of hunger in the school holidays’ Feeding Britain Report ‘Ending Hunger in the Holidays’ 2017

“Make Lunch helps me to have to only think about one meal for my kids each day in the holidays. It’s a huge help!”

Churches running a TLG Make Lunch Club with the help of an ACT funded grant

New Malden Methodist Church, Greater London, KT3 4AP
Elim Connect Centre, Wells, BA5 2BE
Haywards Health Baptist Church RH16 4DZ
E5 Church, Bristol, BS2 8JP
Portishead Methodist Church, BS20 6EN
Eastville Methodist Church, Bristol, BS5 6PN

TLG Early Years Intervention

TLG Early Intervention helps local churches work in primary schools amongst children at risk of exclusion. The project trains teams of volunteers from local churches to act as coaches and spend one hour a week with one child for one year.

93% of children show improvement in behaviour, and the lasting relationships with children and families allows the impact to be even greater. 

I’m certain that without Jo, our Early Intervention Coach, Ruby wouldn’t have got on as well at secondary school as she has.” Parent

Churches running a TLG Early Years Intervention Club with the help of an ACT funded grant

Oasis Church Waterloo, London, SE1 7QP
The Matrix Trust, Guildford, GU1 4AZ
Kings Church, Heathfield, TN21 8LD
Bloxham Baptist Church, Banbury, OX15 4PY
St Nicholas Church, Bristol BS1 1UE,

Who let the Dads out?

Who Let the Dads Out? Helps local churches to establish projects which give dads, father figures and their children the opportunity to spend time together and have fun and provides resources to support dads in their fathering role.

167 churches are regularly running clubs for dads and their children across the UK.

Dave, Hywel and Simon say the group has been the place where they established their man to man friendships that are still going strong over a decade later. Quoted from the Baptist Times, 20th April 2018

Churches running a Who Let the Dads Out Club with the help of an ACT funded grant

Hutton & Shenfield Union Church, Brentwood, CM13 2NA

Kids Matter

Kids Matter equips the local church to deliver effective parenting programmes within their communities.

To date, 130 Kids Matter groups have run in 50 economically deprived communities; reaching 1739 children from a range of ethnic backgrounds – of all faiths, and none. 

“I don’t shout anymore.  I used to be angry all the time, now hardly at all. What helped? Kids Matter. It helped to find other people to talk to. I am way calmer.”  Kids Matter beneficiary.

Churches running a Kids Matter Club with the help of an ACT funded grant

Christ Church Clifton, Bristol, BS8 3BN
Hope Community Church, Bristol, BS8 4ND
Fishponds Baptist Church Bristol, BS16 5AS
St Andrews Avonmouth, Bristol, BS11 9EN
All Souls Twickenham TW1 1PB
St Cuthman’s Whitehawk Brighton BN2 5HW
St John’s Church London N1 6NP

Intentional Health

Intentional Health equips the local church to inspire healthy communities.

3 in 4 people will suffer or die prematurely from preventable lifestyle diseases.

I only went along to support my wife but we are only three weeks in and it has already changed our lives. John, Programme Member 2019.

Churches running an Intentional Health Project with the help of an ACT funded grant

St Andrews Churchdown, Gloucester

Hope into Action

Hope Into Action helps local churches provide houses for the homeless. Providing training to enable local churches to engage with and mentor those living in the house, whilst providing the necessary professional support.

There are over 90,000 people in need of a home in the UK.

“I had a home, I belonged somewhere – it was an amazing feeling.”  Hope into Action beneficiary.

Churches running a Hope into Action Project with the help of an ACT funded grant

Fishponds Baptist Church, Bristol

Renew Wellbeing

Renew Wellbeing trains and supports churches to set up “quiet, shared spaces where it’s ok not to be ok”. Being present, prayerful and in partnership to see an end to isolation and better mental health for all.

1 in 4 people are diagnosed with mental illness.

“We walk alone without someone to care…. but now I have found friends, a new family in a new place! Thank you all! Such a blessing – a safe place in a crazy world… wonderful people. SOMEONE KNOWS MY NAME!”  Project Participant

Churches running a Renew Wellbeing Project with the help of an ACT funded grant

Bradbourne Baptist Church, Kent.


Churches running a Reflex Group with the help of an ACT funded grant (no longer a Cinnamon Network menu option)

RCCG True Vine Parish, Bognor Regis, PO21 2AP.


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I would like to volunteer in a project – please see the link on the appropriate project.

I need help from one of these projects – please see the link on the appropriate project.

Our Impact:

Since 2018, forty-three projects have started benefiting more than 3000 of society’s most marginalised and disadvantaged people. This has involved more than 1500 volunteers from Churches who themselves have contributed additional funds and premises.

Cinnamon have trained and mentored around 500 volunteers to enable sound project management and stability through their seminars and specialist Regional Advisor support.

Recently, a Church running a CAP Debt Centre reached out to a middle-aged man who had no phone, cooking facilities, gas or electricity due to his debts. With negotiation the utilities company agreed to provide energy whilst he reduced his debt gradually. The centre paid for a basic mobile phone enabling him to access information on his universal credit and his doctor can now contact him for vital medical help. As a registered client of the centre he is receiving ongoing support.

But as often the way with these projects, people don’t just find answers to their problems, they find support and friendship with their fellow participants, volunteers and the host church which brings a wealth of mental health benefits too. Aida, a CAP Fresh Start course participant says that ‘The group made me feel loved and respected. No one was judging me.  We were a community together, supporting each other.’