an innovative housing project for young people


To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the formation of Andrews Property Group in 2016, we launched a major new initiative called Establish.

Establish combines the resources and charity support skills of ACT with the professional expertise of Andrews Property Group in a unique collaboration to support young people who have been through the care system.

The aim is to purchase one house a year for the next 50 years across the area covered by the Andrews branch network. By partnering with local youth housing organisations, we are able to make available good quality accomodation, together with continued personal support to help these young people with the transition into work and eventually to full independence. 

Michael Robson, former Chief Executive of Andrews, speaking on the launch of the initiative said:

“We were keen to celebrate our 70th anniversary in a meaningful way that reminded those within the business and the wider communities where we operate, of the foundations on which our business was formed and the unique ownership structure that remains to this day.  By collaborating on this initiative together, we believe we’re able to draw on the distinct areas of expertise of both the business and its shareholding charity.  Staff across the country have helped launch this project with significant fundraising of £70,000.”

The collaboration works in the following way between the Andrews Property Group business and its shareholding owner Andrews Charitable Trust:

Andrews Charitable Trust

ACT is responsible for selecting excellent local charities with a track record in housing-based initiatives to improve the lives of vulnerable young people.  We look for charities that providing housing and tenancy sustainment support with evidence of helping young people into work, so that they can realistically move into mainstream accommodation when they leave the Establish house.

The selected charities are given long term leases for use by their beneficiaries.  The sub-commercial leases will provide ACT with a modest income to help finance future property purchases.

Andrews Property Group

Finds and purchases the properties and negotiates investment finance.  Andrews staff  have the opportunity to be directly involved in supporting their youth charity partner, through fundraising to help with their local house, mentoring young people or providing work experience advice.

Andrews Property Group has branches across Bristol, Bath, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and the South East.