13 Nov 2018

Each year, the Christian Funders’ Forum holds an award ceremony to celebrate the outstanding work that is being done by churches, charities and volunteer groups across the UK.

According to research carried out by the Cinnamon Faith Action Audit in 2016, faith groups contribute at least £3 billion worth of social and welfare support to the UK every year, helping 48 million in the process.

This year Andrews Charitable Trust (ACT) were proud to sponsor the Housing and Poverty award. ACT Trustee, Alexandra McDonald presented the awards.

The winners were:

GOLD: Housing Justice Church & Community Night Shelter Network

Housing Justice is a national Christian charity that supports churches setting up night shelters. The model is based on a group of churches each offering shelter on different nights of the week. These churches are bound together as a night shelter and have a common referral system offering continuity of care in the way they look after their homeless guests. Part of the strength lies in the churches pooling resources such as volunteers and physical space. Last year over 3,000 people were given shelter in over 110 churches across its network. Through training and support, Housing Justice makes it easier for willing but apprehensive church groups to take the steps needed to start a night shelter.


SILVER: Glass Door Homeless Charity

Glass Door have a growing number of church-based shelters and operate four drop-in centres and a team of caseworkers who help guests address their issues, progress to housing, find work, open bank accounts and access benefits and other forms of support.


BRONZE: Green Pastures

Green Pastures identify investors who are willing to invest in purchasing property for homeless people in return for a small return each year. Together with a church partner, Green pastures work with local services to identify homeless/vulnerable people to house and provide volunteers who support these individuals to manage their new home.

Reflecting on the event, Siân Edwards, Executive Director of Andrews Charitable Trust said “I never fail to be impressed by the amazing work that churches and Christian charities do to tackle some of the biggest social issues our society faces today.  The Christian Funders Forum Awards give thanks to those who dedicate their time, their skills and their love to make a difference to the lives of others.  By highlighting some of the best-in-class projects, members of the Forum want to shine a light on this great work and celebrate their achievements.”

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