31 Aug 2017

6 Churches each won a £2000 award for their community project.

St Peter’s Church, Filton, Bristol – The Listening Ear Project

The Listening Ear project will provide trained volunteers who will offer members of the community a supportive listening relationship to help them in various areas of their life – e.g. bereavement, illness, addiction, loneliness, poverty, unemployment, homelessness, etc.  Practical support for those who need someone to talk to.

West Kirk Presbyterian Church, Belfast, Ireland – Crackerz Code Club Project

Crackerz Code Club aims to provide a focused and engaging way to support kids from the Shankill Road area who are not engaging well at school and who typically experience low educational attainment, social deprivation and aspirational poverty.  It is an after-school computer coding club that aims to raise the aspirations and technical skills.

Barnabas Community Church, Shrewsbury – 360 Platform for Life project

The 360 Platform for Life project provides an holistic service that helps those furthest from the job market by offering ono-to-one mentoring to help clients develop resilience and make positive choices for their future and to help them see a future in work as an achievable thing to aspire to.

Linden Church, Swansea – Wonderfully Made Project

The Wonderfully Made project will create two short films with 16-30 year olds with experience of mental health difficulties to be used as an educational resource for secondary schools and youth groups and to be shared as an online resource for young people encouraging them to speak up about mental health

Abbey Road Baptist Church, Barrow-in-Furness – Parish Nurse Project

The project will support the church to have a Parish Nurse volunteer to work with parents with pre-school children and expectant mothers and provide meals and home visits to the elderly and isolated.  The Parish Nurse will also provide a much needed link between the more vulnerable in the Parish and NHS services.

St Giles’ Church, Oxford – Respite Café Project

The Respite Café in St Giles’ Church will be staffed mainly by the homeless and ex-homeless, providing them with training and work opportunities whilst raising awareness amongst customers visiting the café of the issues that homeless people face through personal interaction and conversation.