25 Oct 2016

The Christian Initiative Trust was established in 1968 by Cecil Jackson Cole, a UK business man who believed that business had a moral and social responsibility to work in partnership with and support of charity.


To date over £932,000 of grants have been awarded.  You can view some recent organisations we have supported here.

However, on 1st September 2016, the Trustees of Christian Initiative Trust (CIT) resolved to transfer its remaining assets to its sister trust, Andrews Charitable Trust (ACT) and to close down.

CIT will be replaced by a Christian Community Grants programme which will be run by Andrews Charitable Trust (ACT).  ACT objectives are consistent with those of CIT and in the transfer letter, Trustees expressed a preference that the funds be applied as small grants for use by those who are explicit about their Christian motivations for undertaking charitable works.

If you are a Christian organisation or individual looking for a grant to support your community work then please click here for announcements and details on how to apply to our Christian Community Grants programme.