25 Oct 2016

[establish] an innovative housing project for young people 

In 2016, we launched our new major initiative, [establish] (formerly know as My First Base), to mark the 70th anniversary of Andrews Property Group.  This will see ACT working in collaboration with the business, using their knowledge and expertise of the property world to give young people leaving care a roof over their heads and support with finding work or training.

Our exciting and ambitious aim is for 50 properties to be purchased across the entire footprint of the estate agency branch network over the next 50 years.  Each house will hopefully provide accommodation for 3-4 young people on their transition into work.

So how will this collaboration work?

  • ACT will find local charity organisations with a track record in housing-based initiatives to support and improve the lives of vulnerable young people.
  • Andrews will support the project through assistance in finding and purchasing the properties and then Andrews staff will get directly involved with fundraising, mentoring or even painting and decorating their local house.

Andrews and ACT have already engaged with their first partner to deliver the first home in Bristol, 1625 Independent People, a Bristol-based charity which helps 16-25 year olds with housing advice as well as life skills, confidence building, education, training and jobs. Andrews and ACT have already bought a home for 1625 to lease later in 2016 and the plans have the backing of the City’s Lord Mayor Councillor Clare Campion-Smith.

…if we can achieve 50 houses over the next 50 year what a fantastic legacy for Andrews, as well as our founder Cecil Jackson-Cole.”

David Westgate, Chief Executive of Andrews Property Group

So the first house is in Bristol, but we are already on the lookout for a second property to be launched in 2017.  This time, we are looking in the South East closer to our branches in that region.  Then house number three might be around Oxford or Gloucester as we continue to grow this project right across the communities served by the branch network of Andrews Property Group.

We believe that our founder Cecil Jackson Cole would approve of this initiative, as his widow says;

                “It’s the kind of thing he did, building one thing on another, and extending the possibilities beyond imagination”

Theo Jackson-Cole


You can hear more about [establish] here