Christian Innovation Grants 2017 – The Application Process and FAQs


This year ACT is working in collaboration with The Cinnamon Network to offer seed funding of up to £2,000 to 20 local projects.

Applications are welcome from UK-based creative Christians with ideas that offer better solutions to poverty and disadvantage; that make a positive difference to the most vulnerable and express the love of Jesus beyond Church and out into the community. Put simply, we are looking for pioneering social work that harnesses the Christian compassion for supporting people in need. We are looking for the very best, new and exciting ways to make a positive difference to vulnerable groups in their communities.

Furthermore, winning a Christian Innovation Grant not only provides seed funding for your project idea, but might also help you to create further opportunities to help the project develop and grow and make even more of an impact:

The very best of this year’s winners will also have the chance, if they can demonstrate what they have achieved with the Innovation Grant, to be entered by ACT into The Cinnamon Network’s Project Lab programme.  If they make it through the Project Lab’s dragon’s den event they will benefit from a six month incubator pCinnamon networkrogramme plus a further capacity building grant.

Grant Criteria

  • Creative solutions to reaching the most vulnerable and those who find it hard to get help that will work for them.
  • Creative solutions to promote wholeness: offering creative and responsive services that address people’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • Work that has an inclusive Christian ethos and are committed to serving all people regardless of their belief.
  • Local projects that are led by a passionate leader who can make things happen.
  • Realistic plans for how to use the £2,000 grant.
  • Ideas with the potential to be replicated in others.
  • Original and innovative.
  • Inspirational and have the ‘wow factor’.


  • Individual Churches and individual Christians
  • All Christian denominations and affiliations
  • Based in UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) but supporting work in the UK or in poor communities overseas.
  • Projects that reach the most vulnerable people within our communities


  • Large organisations with established fundraising capacity
  • Work that excludes non-Christians
  • Secular organisations or other non-Christian faith-based organisations
  • Educational and travel expenses for individuals
  • Capital projects (we do not fund building projects)

Closing Date

Midnight, Monday 27 November 2017

Application form 

We will only accept application forms completed online through Survey Monkey

Please note that you will not be able to switch between different computers to complete your application formPlease do not click the ‘submit’ button until you have fully completed the form.  If you do this before you have completed the form you will not be able to retrieve it to continue entering information.

You may view a PDF version of the application form through this link, CIG application – November 2017.  We will not accept the PDF as an application.  All applications must be completed through the survey monkey link above.

How the Judges will make their decision

Each application will be assessed according to set criteria and the winners will be identified as those who score highest across all of the following:

  • Originality and innovation
  • Making a difference to vulnerable people/communities in a tangible way that is clear and simple
  • Potential for the initiative to grow or be replicated by other churches
  • Passionate leader aiming to make things happen!
  • Wow factor!

Please be aware that the judges’ decision is final.

 Notification of Award Winners

Andrews Charitable Trust aims to complete the judging process and to inform all winners that they have been successful within 4 weeks of the deadline.  Winners will be announced on this website.


What happens when you receive my application?

You will receive an email acknowledgement of your application with a reference number. Please note we will be unable to enter into individual correspondence after this stage. You may not hear from us until decisions are made at the beginning of September.

Will you let me know how I’ve done?

If you have not heard from us within a month of the closing date then please assume you have been unsuccessful this year.  Sorry but due to the volume of applications we receive, we cannot notify all those who have not been successful or provide individual feedback.

When will we know who has won?

Shortlisting and judging will take place during the two weeks after the deadline (midnight on 3 July 2017 and midnight on the 27 November 2017).  We will then need to take up references for all successful applicants before the winners can be announced.  Once all winners have been informed, we will publically announced them on this website.  This is likely to be around the beginning of September for the summer entries and beginning of January 2018 for the winter entries.

What do you mean by ‘replicable ideas’?

We’re looking for simple projects that other churches could easily put into practice in order to meet the needs of those in their community. We’re looking for projects that use the physical and human resources that most churches have and don’t require equipment, resources or knowledge that cannot be easily sourced.

What constitutes original and innovative?

Projects need to be new and not a version of a social action project already out there. They need to be unique and take a fresh and different approach. There are lots of social action projects doing great work, but we want those that are not currently being replicated by lots of churches.

Can I apply for the grant if my project is already receiving funding?

This funding round is for individual churches and as long as your project is working at this level, then yes.  We might well question why, if you have already had funding then the innovative new work was not already implemented though!  This is for innovation, not for continuing project costs.

The project is not yet up and running, it’s only in the planning stages, can we still apply?

Yes – absolutely.  This funding is really designed to get new projects off the ground and as long as they are realistic then yes

 If we’re successful, will we have to demonstrate how the grant has been spent?

There is no formal process however, we would love you to keep in touch with your good news on how the project is making a difference.